Frequently Asked Questions2019-02-27T11:48:17+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premium cord blood bank clients will pay for SCT insurance?2019-02-27T11:14:19+00:00

The premiums for SCT insurance by Lloyds range from 10$ a year to 150$ a year. The exact sum is determined according to the terms of the policy designed to meet each blood bank’s unique requirements, the coverage different policies provide and regulatory considerations which vary in accordance with the country the cord blood bank is situated in

How can cord blood banks offer such extensive coverage for such low premiums?2019-02-27T11:14:36+00:00

Risk management by Lloyds of London is designed to benefit all parties involved; cord blood banks with hundreds of thousands of clients purchase a large number of STC insurance policies and this enables charging minimal premiums. Substantial lump sum coverage is guaranteed, clients are provided with true security while cord blood banks strengthen their financial security

Under what circumstances can an SCT insurance policy be activated?2019-02-27T11:14:49+00:00

Clients can activate their SCT insurance policy when cord blood they saved at the cord blood bank needs to be used in order to administer any kind of medical treatment for any imediate family member

When and how is money for treatments transferred?2019-02-27T11:15:11+00:00

Payment is made in accordance with the terms of the SCT insurance policy each blood bank choose to offer their clients.
Clients who activate their SCT insurance may receive a lump sum which they are free to use as they see fit or have Lloyds pay directly for treatments as they are administered

How extensive is the coverage SCT insurance policies provide?2019-02-27T11:15:03+00:00

How much money clients who activate their SCT insurance policies receive depends on the terms of the policy offered by the cord blood bank. Lump sum payment range from 35 thousand to one million dollars U.S.

Is STC insurance by Lloyds currently being offered to clients of cord blood banks?2019-02-27T11:15:22+00:00

SCT insurance by Lloyds of London is already today offered clients of leading blood banks around the globe, one example is Cells4Life one of England’s biggest cord blood banks

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