Stem Cell Treatment Insurance

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cord blood banks and their clients

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Stem Cell Treatments
Risk Management by Lloyds

Preserving cord blood and tissue is a necessary first step but finances must also be taken into account:

  • SCT Warranty offers reinsurance for clients along with increased financial security for cord blood bank. Security for stem-cell banks in knowing that clients can use deposited cells if necessary
  • Strengthen your cord blood bank’s financial stability, provide your clients with true security
  • Offer your clients the risk management program they need in order to ensure ability to pay for costly cutting edge medical treatments for loved ones
  • SCT Warranty insures stem cell treatments are available to individual patients regardless of their current financial situation
    Re-imbursment, indemnity, or lump sum payments are possible, all in accordance with local legalities
  • SCT Warranty policies by Lloyds include underwriting services as well as claims handling and screening of literature in order to avoid anti selection

SCT Warranty is the missing link between storing precious cord blood in a cord blood bank and administration of costly, cutting edge, stem cell treatments.

Substantial benefit for cord blood bank and clients

Llyods SCT risk management program is designed so that everyone benefits
Clients are assured comprehensive coverage of costly medical treatments
Cord blood banks can increase revenue and long term financial stability while offering clients a unique risk management solution

Lloyds of London SCT insurance is something new as well as existing clients will gladly add to the package they purchase. To added value is clear and well worth the extra expense

Provide the security your clients deserve

Big numbers mean that small premiums ensure extensive coverage for clients.
Being able to provide clients with the risk management program they need allows the cord blood bank to generate substantial extra income.

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